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DGN-Extended Rebirth Unique

United Kingdom Info 5
A semi remake of EX-Dragonica with new ideas, cash is easily obtainable and more and more features of Dragonica that was useless or weak has been reworkedYou will find unique features here you wont find anywhere elseThere will be a lot of skill changes

Legion Dragonica

Germany Info 4
Welcome to Legion Dragonica, Our Server! Legion Dragonica Team has put a lot of effort and hard work to bring this server to you! We can't wait until we meet all of you in-game. Let's get the fun started! In this post We will explain and illustrate the Amazing Features of this Server! We all love Custom Things, Dont We? Well guess what. Legion Dragonica Team has worked hard to bring you t..

Dragonica Shiva

United Kingdom Info 0
If you have already played in Dragonica you may know how its boring grind f7 for level ups You will not be bored here, because we are developing a new system exp Youll get additional exp in mission maps and so youll forget about the boring grind Rate:x5 Expx5 Dropx5 Gold
Language: english   

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