WoW-Mania - WotLK Blizzlike

United States Info 9
Blizzlike - Exceptional Quality - 99 uptime - All instances/raids open - Free heirlooms with playtime rewards - Mount at lvl 10 - Arena for all levels - Regular updates - Custom XP rates - Dedicated and friendly staff - Active PvP community - Working Arenas and Battlegrounds

Ascaria3 - Metin2 P Server

Germany Info 8
Max. Level 120 angepasste ...


Germany Info 9
Hikari-Mt2 bietet euch: Max Level 160 New School Fun-Server mit 1.000er Rates Coins, Pets, Reittiere und Kostüme droppen In-Game Einzigartige Maps, Runs und Equipment Ausgewogenes PVP-System Dungeon- und PVP Points System Angenehmes leveln und farmen Waffenkostüme Offline-Shop System Umfangreiches WIKI Gildenlager Rad des Schicksals und vieles mehr...


Romania Info 2
Server PvM Mediu (Fara modate - Fara alchimie - Fara 6-7 - Fara Lycan)

Metin2 ForYou new PvM PvP

Romania Info 1
Metin2ForYou Lv 300 Premiu de inceput Costum PERSONALIZAT , FMS,Clopot PGM 52 ATENTIE Lv 300 PvM PvP Sv unicat EVENT, ZUO, ACTIV EVENT, OX, HIDE, PIRAT,Trivia.Si altele Server-ul Rata de expierenta 1000, Update noi

HeroesOfTomorrow Metin2

Romania Info 7
HeroesOfTomorrow Metin2 este un proiect stabil, de durată, cu un mod de joc captivant (PvM - PvP). Sarcini Principale cu recompense pe măsură, multe dungeon-uri şi evenimente. Vă aşteptăm!

Metin2 Osiris Reborn 2018

Romania Info 9
Nivel maxim alocat 200, mod ultra-fun, fara modate si 6/7, multi bossi si sistem de farmat impotriva plictiselii, va asteptam.


Romania Info 3
Gazduire servere de jocuri, servere dedicate, servere VDS/VPS, servere Metin2, colocare, inregistrare domenii

Legion Dragonica

Germany Info 4
Welcome to Legion Dragonica, Our Server! Legion Dragonica Team has put a lot of effort and hard work to bring this server to you! We can't wait until we meet all of you in-game. Let's get the fun started! In this post We will explain and illustrate the Amazing Features of this Server! We all love Custom Things, Dont We? Well guess what. Legion Dragonica Team has worked hard to bring you t..

Elyas2 - Metin2

Romania Info 3
Un server de metin2 nou de tip PVM easy , level maxim 105 .


Romania Info 2
De ce FastReview ? Incep prin a va spune ca, prezentarea se va realiza coerent, fara a "citi de pe foaie" si nu superficial. Decat sa fac un lucru prost, mai bine nu-l mai fac deloc, pe principiul asta merg. Realizez prezentari profesionale si unice, in jur de 5-10 minute pentru a nu plictisi vizionatorii, dar suficient cat sa iasa o prezentare a server-ului foarte buna. Puteți vedea mai mu..

Aura Kingdom - First P-Server

Tonga Info 0
Aura Kingdom Dedicated server- Europe location, Rates: Exp x5 | Drop x2, Server up 24/7, unique gift after first donation. Join now!!!

Drake Runes of Magic

United States Info 0
Drake Runes of Magic - EXP x200,Gold x500,Drop x500, Vote for cash, new updated client free to download, high speed gameplay, website up 24 /7 , no lag, fast loading, Enjoy

Europe Talisman (Hard Classic Se

United Kingdom Info 4
This is a PRO Hard server for PRO Players!!! 24/24 ONLINE! We have nice events with nice rewards in game! Server Balanced! New Craft System for Mounts. New Maps and Caves for lvl 70-75 and 75-80. New Mounts and New Pets!

Talisman of war

Portugal Info 4
Talisman of war Servidor TOP Exp : 40x Drop max : Golden 10% lvl max : 75 lvl pet max : 35 SET CWC E PRS REPU E NOVA CAVE JS

Talisman Of Shumenol

United States Info 5
SERVER INFO Level Max: 80 Max Pet Level: 30 Max Drop: Golden Exp: 200x Energy: 300x Max Combine: +12 PB / QL / EZ: Recompensa: 100g cada Quest. WAR: Domingo: 17:00h~18:00h. Cave Boss Rate: Blue Drop: 100% Golden Drop: 5% Drop It

Revenge Online

United Kingdom Info 0
Donate System | Refer Friend System | Online Time System | Wings Upgrade | Diamond Inlay |Arena | System | Max Lvl 70 | 9 Soul SKills

DGN-Extended Rebirth Unique

United Kingdom Info 5
A semi remake of EX-Dragonica with new ideas, cash is easily obtainable and more and more features of Dragonica that was useless or weak has been reworkedYou will find unique features here you wont find anywhere elseThere will be a lot of skill changes

Dragonica Shiva

United Kingdom Info 0
If you have already played in Dragonica you may know how its boring grind f7 for level ups You will not be bored here, because we are developing a new system exp Youll get additional exp in mission maps and so youll forget about the boring grind Rate:x5 Expx5 Dropx5 Gold

Unreal Dynasty

United Kingdom Info 0
Regenesis Patch-Custom Maps/Pets/Items/Fashions and more, Vote for Jaden, Custom Instances quests, Active Staff, And daily Events, Massive PvP, and PvE fun, Refine cap +17 No Battery Gameplay server, Multi Language Enabled, Special ingame exchange shops, Not a Pay to win server,Check us out today
Language: english   

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