Cabal Origin Philippines

United States Info 4
Cabal Origin Philippines Private Server Play to Win Server Fresh Server release of January 2018 New Dungeons, New pets, New Costume, Arcana of Law,Guardian and Chaos, Crafting System, No Set Donations Active Players Join now

WoW Circle - biggest private ser

Russia Info 4
Biggest WoW private server with more 45 000 ppl online on 12 realms - Rates from x1 to Fun - Support Classic, Wotlk, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Legion Cross System for Arena and BG

Zera Flyff

United Kingdom Info 4
Welcome to a wonderful world of flyff, server just came to open its doors The first 10 players will receive a Free donation of 500 ZP FREE In shop

Talisman of war

Portugal Info 4
Talisman of war Servidor TOP Exp : 40x Drop max : Golden 10% lvl max : 75 lvl pet max : 35 SET CWC E PRS REPU E NOVA CAVE JS

Europe Talisman (Hard Classic Se

United Kingdom Info 4
This is a PRO Hard server for PRO Players!!! 24/24 ONLINE! We have nice events with nice rewards in game! Server Balanced! New Craft System for Mounts. New Maps and Caves for lvl 70-75 and 75-80. New Mounts and New Pets!

Legion Dragonica

Germany Info 4
Welcome to Legion Dragonica, Our Server! Legion Dragonica Team has put a lot of effort and hard work to bring this server to you! We can't wait until we meet all of you in-game. Let's get the fun started! In this post We will explain and illustrate the Amazing Features of this Server! We all love Custom Things, Dont We? Well guess what. Legion Dragonica Team has worked hard to bring you t..

Furious-Wars Ultimate WarGame

France Info 3
Come and dive into a full addictive experience of strategy and combats. Many new functionnalities. English support - Opened 22/12/2017 Pourquoi Furious Wars ? Venez vivre une Experience unique Uni ouvert le 22/12/2017

Elyas2 - Metin2

Romania Info 3
Un server de metin2 nou de tip PVM easy , level maxim 105 .


Romania Info 3
Gazduire servere de jocuri, servere dedicate, servere VDS/VPS, servere Metin2, colocare, inregistrare domenii


Romania Info 2
Server PvM Easy, unicat in Romania, de lunga durata, lvl maxim 125, rate 250, server deschis de pe data de 17092017 Serverul are evolutii unice, mape speciale farm, multe noi si utile

Metin2 LastFight - Cel mai popul

Romania Info 2
Este un server PvP clasic cu o vechime de aproape 4 ani Sistem barbut, dojang si multe altele Un PvP de lunga durata, pus la punct cu event-uri ce se desfasoara saptamanal, event-uri in functie de anotimp si sarbatoriStaff-ul este matur si organizat in ceea ce priveste suportul playerilor


Romania Info 2
De ce FastReview ? Incep prin a va spune ca, prezentarea se va realiza coerent, fara a "citi de pe foaie" si nu superficial. Decat sa fac un lucru prost, mai bine nu-l mai fac deloc, pe principiul asta merg. Realizez prezentari profesionale si unice, in jur de 5-10 minute pentru a nu plictisi vizionatorii, dar suficient cat sa iasa o prezentare a server-ului foarte buna. Puteți vedea mai mu..


Romania Info 2
Server PvM Mediu (Fara modate - Fara alchimie - Fara 6-7 - Fara Lycan)


United States Info 1
IP: PWING [ MCMMO ] [ DUNGEONS ] [ SPELLS ] [ EPIC BOSSES ] [ +HEALTH STATS ] [ MEET THE REAPER ] [ HIDE n SEEK ] [ HUNGER GAMES ] [ CTF ] [ MOB ARENAS ]Choose to be a Common Ranger or a Great Sorcerer


United Kingdom Info 1
7200+ REAL ONLINE Adena and experience for PVPMass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much moreGuaranteed quality, long work without wipe, 24/7 instantly supportStart 75lvl +all your need


United Kingdom Info 1
Season 6 Ep3, Exp: 500X/100X/10X, Drop: 30 No Full Items, No Web Shop, No XShop Long term server Brand new server Custom, stable and fun Play To Win

Metin2 ForYou new PvM PvP

Romania Info 1
Metin2ForYou Lv 300 Premiu de inceput Costum PERSONALIZAT , FMS,Clopot PGM 52 ATENTIE Lv 300 PvM PvP Sv unicat EVENT, ZUO, ACTIV EVENT, OX, HIDE, PIRAT,Trivia.Si altele Server-ul Rata de expierenta 1000, Update noi


Romania Info 0
Lvl max 105 PVP PVM-Eazy Rates: EXP: 600x Drop: 600x Gold: 600x 99,00 Up time, No Lag, No Bugs, Armuri noi si Arme noi, Skinuri arme, Harti Beta , GM events 1x saptamana, Un Staff bun

NoScrubs Iris Online

United Kingdom Info 0
Anime inspired MMORPG - Battle pets, 3rd jobs, Tarot buff system, Couples, Failsafe enchants, World Bosses, Rated Dungeons, Battlefields, Custom Costumes, Wings, Cloaks, Mounts, and Accessories, PvP gear for Battlefield Points, Cashshop Items for Gold Voting Constantly developed and updated


New Zealand Info 0
Exp 200x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Many Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best World Wide PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, Long Term, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now
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